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Guy Bowen View our 2020 Spring Ram sales
Young Sale Rams January 2020

2021 January Ram Sales

2020 rams Group of Rams for the 2020 September sales. More

6th Annual Summer Ram Sale is on Friday January 29th, at 1pm (WST)

Check out the Background to the 2021 Summer Ram Sales

Guy and Joanne Bowen

Group of Sale Rams 2020

sale rams, 2020
Ewe and Lambs Ewe and Lambs

“The profitability of our producers’ prime lamb enterprises is the key to the future of Mount Ronan.” .

  • The Mount Ronan breeding program is aimed “fairly and squarely” at maximising producers’ lamb enterprise profitability.
  • The identification of those truly proven-elite ewes in our flock which possess outstanding production genes is our focus.
  • We select sons of these ewes to spread their genes widely throughout the flock, and we also introduce new genetics via these ewes.
  • The rams we are offering to producers are fit and athletic, and ready to go to work.
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