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Cherylton lambs

Cherylton Farms

“After trialling many industry leading ASBV maternals, Mount Ronan rose to the top as a result of many generations focussed on breeding resilience, mothering ability and feed efficiency expressed as performance under high stocking - our principle profit driver.”
Michael Cameron, “Cherylton Farms” Kojonup WA, 2018 .

Hills Park

Hills Park

“We have been using Mount Ronan genetics for 6 years. This year is really showing us the extreme resilience of the Mount Ronan bloodline.
The entire mature ewe flock pregnancy scanned at 204.1% this year (with no drug assistance). We know these ewes will deliver us excellent lamb survival as they have always done for us before. The extreme muscling of the lambs give us a sought after carcase at supermarket weights and remarkable yields at export size. Some of the growth rates we have observed in the feedlot have been phenomenal. Mount Ronan delivers us the complete genetic production package.”
Andrew Hunter, “Hills Park” Yerong Creek NSW, 2018


Tandari Pastoral

“My initial concern was that the progeny of the Maternals would not compare with my Poll Dorsets for growth and carcase yield. I have discovered that these rams produce lambs with wonderful growth and high carcase yield, and the rams are a lot more vigorous and athletic than Poll Dorsets.
223 lambs sired by Mount Ronan Maternals sold end July at Wagga Livestock Exchange for $287.20 per head. Estimated live weight 75-76 kg.”
(A later draft of 232 lambs from the same drop sold for more than $300 per head)
Owen Blake, “Tandari Pastoral” Harefield NSW, 2018

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