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Terminal White Suffolk Rams

Terminal White Suffolk Rams

Terminal White Suffolk Rams on grass.

Mount Ronan Ram


Mount Ronan Ram

Magnificent prime lambs

Eulo Lambs



Mount Ronan maximises the opportunities for recording useful data utilising the LAMBPLAN or Sheep Genetics Australia (SGA) database. Total Genetic Resource Management (TGRM), an SGA work tool, is used to assist in the allocation of ewes to rams for the mating season. Consequently, desired breeding outcomes can be achieved while optimising genetic diversity and minimising interbreeding.
Lambs are caught at birth and identified to their sire and dam. They are ear tagged, birth weighed and the temperament of the ewe is recorded. Any poor mothering skills, lambing difficulties, teat or udder problems, or poor constitutional characteristics are also noted. This data is entered into the LAMBPLAN database.
When the lambs are weaned from the ewes (about 125 days of age), they are weighed again, and this second round of data is also entered into the LAMBPLAN database.
A late scanning takes place when the lambs are around 225 days of age, and this very important information is added to the database. A LAMBPLAN accredited scanning operator uses an ultrasound probe to measure the cross sectional depth of muscle and fat at a specific site on the sheep (C site), and the animal is also weighed again.
This is the basic process which results in the production of highly relevant Australian Sheep Breeding Values (ASBV’S) which estimate an individual animal’s genetic ability to produce offspring with traits which are quantifiable.

Sheep Management

Adult sheep at Mount Ronan are run commercially and are only supplementary fed when feed is scarce. Minerals are offered to the sheep in the form of loose mixes during the summer and autumn, as the area is deficient in many of the key elements required for growth, fertility and general health.
Breeding ewes are vaccinated pre-lambing with Glanvac B12 3 in 1 and Eryvac. Lambs are vaccinated with Glanvac B12 3 in 1, Eryvac and Gudair at marking time and with Glanvac B12 3 in 1 at weaning. They are given another booster at 12 months of age.
Adult sheep are run in large mobs except when being prepared for mating or during lambing.
As a result, sheep which are constitutionally inferior are more easily recognised and can be removed from the breeding program. Conversely, sheep with genes for a strong constitution can be promoted to best advantage.
At Mount Ronan, grazing is the main activity. Consequently, ewes learn to do well on the relatively short pasture growing phase (June – October), and then eat dry pasture over the summer and autumn.
The lambs are weaned onto pasture paddocks. They are trail-fed with pellets to achieve positive growth, so that they are in suitable condition for LAMBPLAN scanning.
Once there is a grass cover after the first winter rains, the ram lambs are usually totally dependent on pasture for the growing-out period up to sale time. They are not usually supplementary fed and are super fit and athletic and ready to go to work after sale.
The rams are run in one flock and are shorn ready for sale in mid-August.

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